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Summer 2013: Bad Year for Ticks and Fleas

by on Jun.02, 2013, under Favorites

All that weird, earlier Spring 2013 weather seems to have led us directly to one of the worst late-Spring flea and tick “attacks” I’ve seen in the last ten years.

At first I thought Cato was just more prone to fleas than his predecessor, CoCo, but as I’ve made just a quick walk to the mailbox and back and have then found ticks on both of us – I think we are facing a tough season.

At the same time, the Frontline products I’ve been using for decades don’t seem to be doing the job. If I am religiously following the application process and schedule according to the packaging, Cato should have no fleas and no ticks. He has both.

I have a bag of Diatomaceous Earth I am going to apply around the entry points of this house later today. And though I think a lot of dogs are “over-bathed,” Cato will be spending some of this 80 degree plus day, getting one.

If anyone else has noticed that the flea and tick prevention product they’ve been using has suddenly NOT been working, I’d like to hear about it. The stuff is NOT cheap and if the manufacturer has changed it and made it less or not effective, they need to hear about it from pet owners.

Congratulations to my nephew Holden, who graduated from high school in Florida on Friday. Well Done! Wish I could have been there…

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