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Jeb Bush: Go HOME!

by on Apr.30, 2015, under US Politics

So here we have one of the alleged GOP top contenders for the Republican Presidential nomination, Jeb Bush. He hasn’t even declared that he is running yet, but the media keep trying to shove him to the top.

Jeb Bush: Undocumented Deserve Legal Status

And this is why Jeb should just pack up his toys and go home. Here’s his take on the estimated 20 million illegals already in the US:

Bush said the U.S. has the chance to be an emerging country again but to do so must fix the immigration system, which he said means controlling the border, making legal immigration easier, “but it also means dealing with the 11 million undocumented workers who are here in this country, 11 million people that should come out of the shadows and receive earned legal status, where they pay a fine, where they work … provide for their families, not receive government assistance and over a period of time be able to receive earned legal status.”

If they are admitting to 11 million – know the real numbers are probably double. We’ve learned not to trust politicians and their number games!!!

“Out of the shadows” – again. I don’t know how these politicians can say or think illegals in the US are in “the shadows.” They march, they protest, they visit senator’s and congressmen’s offices in DC. They march with big banners stating “Undocumented, Unafraid.” That doesn’t fit my description of “the shadows.” Seems to me taxpayers are living in the shadows instead. No one seems to understand that taxpayers are being robbed of BILLIONS of tax dollars each year which is then just handed over to illegals.

And funny he mentions that if this wand-waving to make illegals – legal works, they won’t receive government assistance. Really? According to US law, they are not supposed to be receiving it NOW. It’s a felony in the US to aid or abet illegal aliens. And it’s robbery of US taxpayers to divert funds from other programs to supply illegals and their children with EBT cards, food stamps, and medical care.

School districts in this country are struggling to keep up with the Mexican and Central American illegals, and if that wasn’t enough to slam state systems, Obama and the UN are also flooding the country with refugees from – who-knows-where! They just show up in US towns – sometimes in groups in the hundreds, and are dumped on the town to support and provide for. I read an article recently that said driver’s license tests in California are available in over 30 different languages! Guess who paid for that? California taxpayers.

Think this is not an expensive problem for US taxpayers?

++ Wichita, Kansas schools floundering; 81 languages spoken in the school district

81 languages!!! So what that means is American and English-speaking students in those school districts are getting declining attention because the districts are diluted dealing with students who speak 80 other languages!!! These are not “international schools” – these are US schools that are supposed to be teaching US students! And what happens with every student that apparently refuses to speak English? They end up further diluting America – speaking languages most Americans cannot understand – and saying WHAT, WE WON’T KNOW!!!

Back to the “immigration” problem. Don’t be fooled. This issue has nothing to do with immigration and legal immigrants should be fighting hard to call what’s happening here what it really is – an invasion of illegal aliens. These are not legal immigrants abusing US taxpayers and draining our resources – it is those ILLEGALLY IN THE COUNTRY.

For Bush to pander – talking about how to make illegal’s lives better while apparently ignoring the burden federal and state government policies are placing on OUR country, means to me he has NOT been paying attention. I don’t care if his wife is Hispanic. His choice of mate has nothing to do with national security OR with his responsibility if chosen for office to uphold US laws.

We’ve already had 6+ years of a president who has ignored US immigration laws, is held in contempt by at least 26 states who are fighting his latest and illegal amnesty actions, and whose administration has admitted to releasing over 100,000 criminal illegal aliens back onto US streets.

Go home Jeb, and take any other candidate who does not intend to follow and enforce US Immigration laws with you. We send billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries who then send us their citizens to support. It doesn’t make sense, we can’t afford it, and we should NOT be forced to pay for someone else’s campaign slogans.

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